Thursday, March 28, 2013

Real Estate Broker Crystal Cox FIRES the National Association of Realtors. NAR is Anti-Real Estate Consumer, from my Experience OVER a Decade as a Real Estate Broker Owner.

Demand that the National Association of Realtors HOLDS "Realtor" accountable for the Lies they Tell. Demand that the National Association of Realtors STOP their Anti-Real Estate Consumer Campaign, attack, lobbying and harassment of the Real Estate Consumer.

Blogger Crystal Cox, Real Estate Whistle Blower says that NAR has NO elements in place to protect the real estate consumer.  the National Association of Realtors has BIG MONEY and lobby's constantly in a way that is DIRECTLY anti-real estate consumer, and Your Government give  the National Association of Realtors what they want because the are so wealthy, and so loud about what they WANT.

Know your Rights, STOP Using NAR members. Support Real Estate Consultants, Non-Franchise Brokerages, Non-NAR Real Estate Office, Truly Independent Real Estate Brokers.

Know your RIGHTS, before you SIGN.



Crystal Cox Blogger. Real Estate Whistleblower Regarding, "How Do you get out of Your Listing Agreement ?"

The "Realtor" NEEDS you, You do NOT need the "Realtor".

Have your Real Estate Transaction YOUR Way. Make sure the Listing Contract is your Way. You are your own Attorney, you are a Party to the Contract, make sure the contract reads how YOU want it BEFORE you Sign.

"Realtor", NAR, National Association of Realtors Affiliations are Bad for Real Estate Consumers

Realtor Forms are to Protect the Realtor from the Real Estate Consumer.

You are a party to the Real Estate Transaction, you can change anything on the form you want to, as a buyer or a seller, YOU are a Party to the Real Estate transaction, change it your way, initial the change, BEFORE you SIGN.

Make sure that the "Deal" is your way, BEFORE you SIGN.

Take Charge of your Real Estate Transaction


E and O Insurance is to Protect "Realtors" and NOT to protect the Real Estate Consumer. NAR has alliances with insurance companies, "they" lobby your state government to make E and O Insurance Mandatory, yet this insurance protects the "Realtor" and NOT the Real Estate Consumer. This is a FACT from my Personal Experience as a Real Estate Broker owning my own Real Estate Company for over a Decade.

the Definition of a "Frivolous Lawsuit" in Real Estate, Rhetorically by Real Estate Whistle Blower, Blogger Crystal Cox, Real Estate Broker Owner.

Broker Crystal Cox Regarding "Agency" Relationships in Real Estate

Real Estate Broker, Crystal L. Cox - Standard Commission - Hiring Experts - Real Estate Disclosure and More...

Know your Rights in your Real Estate Transaction BEFORE you Sign

a Bit about what goes on in "Real Estate" that should matter to the Real Estate Consumer.

Learn more about the Real Estate Industry and What can cause you future harm. Know Before You Sign.  Real Estate Consumer Protection Advocate ~ Real Estate Broker Crystal L. Cox, Real Estate Whistle Blower.

Crystal Cox Blogger on Oregon Ranch Real Estate Tax and Tips to know BEFORE you SIGN.

Before you Sign, Find out as much as you can.

A "Realtor" or your "agent" has no REAL motive to dig deep into the facts. You have to do it yourself or DEMAND that you are "Allowed" to hire a third party real estate consultant to dig up dirt on the property per say, to find documents, look at records, and poke around for the TRUTH that the Sellers Agent and Buyers agent, have NO MOTIVE to give you.

KNOW before you Sign.

You are in charge of your Real Estate Transaction. Know your Rights. MAKE your Agent do as you WANT, not the other way around. NAR does violate Anti-Trust Laws and there is NO Real Consumer Protection in Real Estate. The only PROTECTION you Have is to KNOW your RIGHTS and be WILLING to Assert them.


"Competition provides American consumers lower prices, better quality services, and greater choice. In the residential real estate industry, competition is vitally important because buying or selling a home is one of the most important financial transactions a consumer will ever undertake. 

Given the size of the real estate industry,1 any restraints on competition in real estate brokerage will have significant adverse consequences for consumers. Moreover, because real estate broker commissions are typically a percentage of the home sales price, the dollar amount charged by real estate brokers has increased significantly in recent years as home sales prices have escalated.2 And, because the amount home sellers pay their real estate broker is built into the home sales price, both home buyers and sellers bear this expense.3"

Source of Post

Read all at the Above Link, KNOW your Rights Before you Sign.

DO not Let your Real Estate Agent RUN your Real Estate Transaction. 

You are in Charge of your Real Estate Transaction. You ARE the BOSS.

"Are you Still Using a Realtor" WHY? Know your Rights. You don't Need a Realtor. If you Hire a Broker, make sure you get the DEAL that WORKS for You. Stand Up for your Rights.

"Realtor Accountability" - Some BROKERS, such as Me, Crystal Cox Broker, is NOT a member of the National Association of Realtors. I believe you have MORE Protection using a Non-NAR Real Estate Broker, IN MY OPINION. There is no Consumer Protection in Real Estate. KNOW before your SIGN Anything.

Yes the Video is a bit Jumpy, still good information for you to know, as a Real Estate Consumer. Know your Rights.